Traffic tickets

How to Pay Your Traffic Ticket:

If you received a traffic citation a Courtesy Notice may be mailed to you at the address listed on your citation. The Courtesy Notice will provide you with the amount of your fine and will provide general information on how to take care of your citation. If you do not receive a Courtesy Notice, you must still pay or appear in court by the date listed on your citation. It takes approximately 10 business day to process your citation.

You must contact the court if: you have not received a courtesy notice within three weeks of receiving your citation, you have changed your address, or the address on the citation is incorrect.

You may pay the bail amount by mail, use the court’s phone-in credit card payment system or you may pay your traffic ticket online. If you pay by mail, please send a check or money order payable to “Clerk of the Court” for the full amount due. (CORRECTABLE VIOLATIONS and bail for COURT TRIALS or TRIALS BY DECLARATION can NOT be paid online or by phone)

NOTICE: If you fail to appear or pay the full bail/fine by the due date you may be subject to penalties and/or a Civil Assessment of at least $300 pursuant to PC 1214.1, and the Court may pursue collections through the Franchise Tax Board or Collection Agency. In addition your driver’s license may be suspended through the Department of Motor Vehicles pursuant to VC40509.5 or a warrant issued for your arrest. Your failure to appear may be deemed a consent to a Trial by Written Declaration pursuant to VC40903.

Citation recipients will be able to pay their bail, extend their court appearance date, or if eligible sign-up for Traffic school. Please go to the following link to pay your citation online: (CORRECTABLE VIOLATIONS and bail for COURT TRIALS or TRIALS BY DECLARATION can NOT be paid online or by phone)

Automated Telephone Information:
Note: in order to use this service, you must have your citation number. The system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in both English and Spanish. Santa Barbara (805) 568-3959

If you choose to pay your bail/fine through this automated system or over the phone your credit card will be charged a $5 convenience fee. Types of information provided by the automated system are:

  • Fine and bail amounts.
  • Traffic school information and costs.
  • Bail forfeiture, bail posting, and fine payments by credit card.
  • One time only date extensions for traffic cases.
  • The automated system accepts VISA &MasterCard only.

In the event that the Web and phone payment systems are down for maintenance:

  • If you would like to pay your fine, please use the envelope provided with your courtesy notice. Otherwise, please visit our office during regular business hours to make your payment or use the drop box.

For more detail, please see the website: