Community Service Organization (CSO) information

Community Service Organization (CSO) Objectives:

1)      To establish an open line of communication on a peer group level.

2)      To provide a safe learning and living environment for the UCSB campus community.

3)      To encourage bike safety and bike awareness.

4)      To encourage safety consciousness within the campus community.

5)      To provide a positive link between the students and UCPD.

UCSB Public Safety Youtube channel:

Rolling Stock (Bicycles and Skateboard) Rules and Regulations:

Escorts: (805)-893-2000

Service available 24/7, if not from a CSO and officer may be available.

Call if you feel unsafe or simply want some company on a walk anywhere on campus or in Isla Vista (even Santa Catalina/Family Housing).

You can call in groups or alone on bikeor on foot; a CSO can walk you or a friend home when “slightly” intoxicated. Conditions are:

  • The escort needs to be able to physically support themselves.
  • The escort needs to know exactly where they are going.

Lost and Found: Room—North Hall 1131; Phone—(805)-893-3843

Monday and Friday – 1:00 pm — 4:00 pm
Wednesday- 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

If any item is turned into any of the lost and found locations around campus, it will end up at UCPD Lost and Found weekly. Also, if you lose an item, you can call individual locations around campus to check for lost item prior to weekly collection date.

Reporting a Stolen Bicycle

If a bicycle is stolen on campus report it to the UCPD at the public safety building on corner of Mesa Rd and Stadium Rd. or call the UCPD Dispatch Business Line—(805)-893-3446.

If a bicycle is stolen in Isla Vista, report it to the Isla Vista Foot Patrol Sheriff’s Department at (805) 681-4179 or 6504 Trigo Road, Isla Vista, CA.

Have some or all of the following available when reporting a bicycle as stolen:

  • Bicycle License number
  • serial number
  • make & model
  • type of bicycle
  • time period and location of stolen bicycle
  • color

Verify to make sure the bicycle was not impounded by CSOs by calling CSO office at (805)-893-2433 Monday-Friday 12pm-3pm or stop by behind the UCPD Public Safety Building, on the corner of Mesa Rd. and Stadium Rd.

Stolen Bicycle Recovery

If you see your stolen bicycle on campus, notify UCPD IMMEDIATELY!! (805)-893-3446. Do no take justice into your own hands. Pending ownership dispute and with permission from UCPD a CSO will impound the bicycle as a courtesy impound. If the bicycle is recovered by any method by a CSO, you will receive a call to pick up the bicycle free of charge unless unlicensed. Licensed bicycles are easier to recover; $10.00 to register at the CSO Office.

Bicycle Impounds

As a general rule—always park in a rack, if the rack is full you can park in the rack area next to the rack out of any sidewalk or roadway.

Do NOT park on trees, handicap rails, in courtyards, inside buildings, by doorways, anywhere a sign is posted specifically instructing against parking.

For all Bicycle Rules and Regulations consult the Rolling Stock for UCSB UCPD–

If your bicycle gets impounded hold onto the red impound notice, note the location/day of impound and wait at least 24 hours before going to CSO Office to pick it up. Bring $24 for impound release and $10 additional dollars if bicycle is not registered (totaling $34 for unregistered bicycles). The amount must be in either cash or check. Please deal with CSOs calmly to avoid unnecessary issues. If you wish to dispute the legality or validity of the impound, you may fill out an Impound Appeal form, which can be obtained at the CSO office and is reviewed by an independent committee; if the circumstances are granted their appeal the money paid for your impound release ($24) will be mailed back to you, excluding licensing fees.